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”In Höganäs there were no potters. But there was coal. And there was clay. The combination made industrial history when the newly built factory kilns were fired in the 1820s. And so, a farming and fishing community made a world-renowned name in ceramics.

Welcome to Höganäs – heart of the ceramics district!”

Keramiskt center
is a meeting place for arts and crafts in the ceramics district. Our attractive exhibition and sales premises are located in Höganäs, in the heart of the ceramics district.

Our roots are in a living centuries-long ceramics tradition. Here, you will discover studio pottery including art and functional wares created by artists and potters active in northwest Skåne. The centre provides an introduction to the district’s industrial heritage, with coal mines, clay pits and ceramics factories. We have temporary exhibits of work by Swedish and international artists, and a studio workshop where visitors can try their hand at the potter’s wheel or do pottery courses.

Keramiskt Center is the natural starting point for a local ceramics tour, finding that ideal gift or simply pausing to look at works of art. From Keramiskt Center, you can easily find your way to several studios throughout the district. We’ll show you the way.


[cc_collapse_tab name=”collapse-tab2″ label=”shop”]In our gift shop (Butiken) you’ll find art and functional wares by some fifty potters from northwest Skåne. Everything is handmade and locally produced, from classic salt-glazed crocks and jugs to delightful latte mugs and beautiful jewellery.

Click on the images below for getting in contact with the potters directly. You are also welcome to contact us at Keramiskt center if you need further information – and you can always visit our shop at Keramiskt center.

Opening hours at Keramiskt center End of February to mid June: Thursday and Friday 11–17, Saturday and Sunday 11–16. Mid June to August: All days 11–17. September to December: Thursday and Friday 11–17, Saturday and Sunday 11–16.


Alffram, Lena
Lena Alffram
Anagrius, Tomas
Tomas Anagrius
Ateljé Källna/Alf Ekberg
Ateljé Källna
Bergman, Angelika
Angelika Bergman
Billinge Krukmakeri
Billinge Krukmakeri
Bolinder, Kjell
Kjell Bolinder
Brosböl Hansen, Bente
Bente Brosböl Hansen
Danielsson Dahlgren, Anette
Anette Danielson-Dahlgren
Ekberg, Jill
Jill Ekberg
Ekberg, Ulf
Ulf Ekberg
Fernstedt, Mia
Mia Fernstedt
Inger Fuchs
Inger Fuchs
Höganäs Drejeri
Höganäs Drejeri
Höganäs Saltglaserat
Höganäs Saltglaserat
Pia Jarlöv
Kimblad, Gunilla
Kimblad keramik
Klaesson, Klas-Göran
Klaes-Göran Klaesson
Kullabygdens Keramik
Kullabygdens Keramik
Lilla kakelfabriken
Lilla Kakelfabriken
Lord, Camilla
Camilla Lord
Lundergren, Wicky
Wicky Lundergren
Malm, Yayoi Kiyota
Yayoi Kiyota Malm
Mölle Krukmakeri
Mölle Krukmakeri
Nilsson, Frida
Frida Nilsson
Nilsson, Sofia
Sofia Nilsson
Olsson, Kerstin
Kerstin Olsson
Olsson, Lena
Lena Olsson
Persson, Titti G
Titti G Persson
Pott, Greta
Greta Pott
Raus Stenkärlsfabrik
Raus Stenkärlsfabrik
Rindeskog, Peter
Rindi Keramik
Segerson, Bissa G
Bissa G Segerson
Sireköpinge Stengods
Sireköpinge stengods
Tove Stenqvist
Stenström, Gunnar
Gunnar Stenström
Svensson, Birgitta
Birgitta Svensson
Thornblad, Ove
Ove Thornblad
Tillberg, Kerstin
Kerstin Tillberg
Valdix Collection
Valdix Keramik
Annette von Fürstenberg
Annette von Fürstenberg
Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik
Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik
Åberg, Kerstin
Kerstin Åberg
Åbergs Krukmakeri
Åbergs Krukmakeri
Åkerberg, Marianne
Marianne Åkerberg