In our Galleries (Galleriet and Lilla galleriet) we present new exhibits by renowned potters, sculptors and young, newly established crafts-people who are taking ceramics in new directions. Exhibitors come from Sweden, Denmark and other countries throughout the world. We vary the artistic content with shows of a more thematic character.

The Factory (Fabriken) features permanent exhibits of the ceramics heritage in Höganäs. Large factories such as Höganäsbolaget and Höganäs Keramik have placed Höganäs on the ceramics world map. The knowledge has been passed on thanks to the many small studios in the area. Our historical section gives an introduction to how and why the ceramics district has made its name and reputation.

Programme 2021:


March 20–June 6

Kerstin Tillberg: Mölle, Sverige, Europa, Världen

June 12–September 26
Emil Österholm: Keramik och sånt

October 2–December 23
Nordsjællandske Keramikere


March 20–May 2
Birgitta Svensson

May 8–June 6
Av lera, naturligtvis!

June 12–August 15
Eva Göransson

August 21–September 26
Carin Nordling

October 2–December 23
Nordsjællandske Keramikere