In the Gallery (Galleriet) and Exhibition Hall (Utställningshallen) we present new exhibits by renowned potters and young, newly established crafts-people who are taking ceramics in new directions. Exhibitors come from Sweden, Denmark and other countries throughout the world. We vary the artistic content with shows of a more thematic character.

The Factory (Fabriken) features permanent exhibits of the ceramics heritage in Höganäs. Large factories such as Höganäsbolaget and Höganäs Keramik have placed Höganäs on the ceramics world map. The knowledge has been passed on thanks to the many small studios in the area. Our historical section gives an introduction to how and why the ceramics district has made its name and reputation.


Programme 2018:

MASTERPIECES  –  400 Years of Japanese Ceramics






In the spring and summer of 2018, Keramiskt Center in Höganäs will be filled with Japanese masterpieces from the past 400 years. The exhibition “Masterpieces – 400 Years of Japanese Ceramics” is one of the official events celebrating 150 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan.

Treasures from the 17th to 20th century
More than 150 antique and unique objects in our Gallery will demonstrate the dramatic history of Japanese ceramics and how it is associated with different aspects of Japanese society like the culture of the Samurai among others. Although many of these historic objects are very old, they are perceived today to be quite modern. This allowed these ceramic objects to also play an important inspirational role to many of the 20th century’s most important ceramic artists, including some in Scandinavia.

This historic exhibition contains both handcrafted ceramic artifacts as well as factory produced porcelain. Mr. Borje Forssell from the Oriental Ceramic Society of Sweden (ocssweden.se) has selected and curated this part of the exhibition on behalf of Keramiskt Center.

Contemporary in the Exhibition Hall
The Exhibition Hall is proud to host some of the most interesting Japanese Artists of today: international stars like Shozo Michikawa from Seto, Haruhiko Kaneko from Okinawa and five female artists from the Sokyo Gallery in Kyoto: Eiko Kishi, Machiko Hashimoto, Fuku Fukumoto, Midori Uchida and Aya Mori.

Elements of Nature and Artistic Poetry
In Japanese Ceramics, the ancient and the modern are joined together in a balance that seems to encompass everything. On the one hand there is control and calculation. On the other hand there is the unpredictable spontaneity of nature and the power of creation through fire, ash and clay. Here the inherent heaviness of the clay and the lightness of the artistic poetry are combined into one.

“I came upon an Ido teacup that conveyed such a grandeur and such a power of the soul but still so simple that it warmed my heart and I thought: “This is it!”. It seemed to contain all the good and the bad in the world and still it was completely peaceful.”

Shiro Tsujimura

There are numerous similarities between traditional Scandinavian and Japanese design languages. The love of pure natural material is common and the often sparse and elegant expression appeals to both artists and the public.

An exhibition with Experiences
During the exhibition “Masterpieces – 400 Years of Japanese Ceramics”, the Keramiskt Center will host a number of events, workshops, etc., drawing inspiration from and in connection to Japanese Ceramics. You will find the latest information on these programs on our website (keramisktcenter.se). You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

In our Shop
Our shop offers a special selection of Japanese influenced ceramics by a large variety of ceramic artists from the Skåne region.